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NEW PHONE HOURS:   Monday-Thursday 9-2p

ONLINE Courses!

Sep 21:  Mon, Tues, Wed  5:00-7:00p

Oct 12:  Mon, Tues, Wed  3:00-5:00p

Oct 26:  Mon, Tues, Wed  5:00-7:00p

Nov 16:  Mon, Tues, Wed  3:00-5:00p

Nov 30:  Mon, Tues, Wed  5:00-7:00p

NorthStar Driver's ED 101 ONLINE
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All Classroom Instruction for Driver’s ED 101 on 

Visit the new NorthStar Driving webpage for special instruction.

the ONLY IN-PERSON Classes are offered in Auburn & Federal Way currently.

Write us at for more regular customer attention.


At NorthStar, we practice and teach the art of safe, 

responsible, innovative driving. To meet these objectives 
we hire and prepare "educators" not "enforcers" to encourage 
young and very often insecure people how to master a new
and dangerous piece of machinery.
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