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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
out of respect for a great religious & civil rights leader, we are closed Jan. 22

                           DOL Knowledge & Road Tests!  Click 
      CLICK ON:  

Launching Feb 11 
will be able to login to our scheduler to CONTROL their own appointments!

NOMINAL PRICE is already assumed in the Driver's ED Package.



At NorthStar, we practice and teach the art of safe, 
responsible, innovative driving. To meet these objectives 
we hire and prepare "educators" not "enforcers" to encourage 
young and very often insecure people how to master a new
and dangerous piece of machinery.

                               Check out our unique mission we call
                               Driver's ED 101.

*Walk-in testing is at select times per location
~NorthStar Driving Academy, proud sponsor of Wounded Warriors!               

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