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Driver's ED 101

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Knowledge and Skills exams

Our Teen Mission

As a premier traffic safety program for teenagers, WE ENDEAVOR to serve as a storehouse of expert consultation on all issues affecting youth today.

The NorthStar Driving Academy, LLC, and its founder have decades of experience working with the teenage population, as public school teachers, family counselors, church youth leaders, traffic safety instructors, and of course, we're parents of children--like your teen, that are NOW DRIVING.

NorthStar was born out of a passionate desire by its founder to help curtail and eventually eliminate the outrageous highway death toll we hear about in headline news.

The fatality rate is nowhere strikingly prominent than among our teen population.  Impaired driving, excessive speed, over-confidence and lack of experience COMBINE to place first-time drivers at the top of the list of casualties.  Moreover, this same population is responsible for MORE fatalities among other drivers of all ages, experiences, genders, backgrounds--no one is immune from experiencing a serious crash anytime, anywhere, any place, when one is in traffic.

As parents and educators, the staff at NorthStar Driving Academy wish to partner with community members, fellow parents, and the youthful driving population itself, to make our roadways safer for everyone.

The NorthStar Difference

At NorthStar, we pride ourselves on having educators on board that have written engaging driver training curriculum that draws on decades of research and practical experience.

Think of Driver's ED 101 as a unique Three-Phase experience for teenagers, starting them out in an attractive modern classroom with a dynamic instructor, but progressing them swiftly toward necessary "lab" experiences interspersed throughout the course.  Only NorthStar does something pedagogically different than any other driving school.  We "workshop" all the driving lessons prior to performing them.

Our exclusive Simulator Theatre combines the expertise of instructor with state-of-the-art technology using simulator systems to demonstrate, practice, drill and evaluate--in a word, to "workshop," each and every maneuvre or potential hazard, drivers anywhere may experience thereby reducing pre-performance anxiety.

Care to take a spin on ice?  How about going head-on with a wrong-way driver?  Or just simply drive a sedan in heavy congested commuter freeway traffic?

By introducing the driving lessons on a large screen projector, teenagers are better prepared to tackle the third phase of the program--the "Behind-The-Wheel" (BTW) phase.  The only other critical phase of education they need is the parental one where the great majority of their experience will be had.

We therefore encourage teens and parents to take full advantage of our expertise and of the details of our lessons by accumulating as many practice hours as possible prior to the BTW-phase as well as in between the lessons.  No one can perform on the gridiron or in a dance hall except that one creates a discipline of repetition and focuses on developing the right attitude for performance.  No where is this more critical for life-skills development than behind the wheel of a 2-ton automobile.

Please, come to Parent's Night to learn more.

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