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Skid Monster

The uniquely patented "Skid Monster" teaches preventive skills for skid recovery.  There are only 2 commercial schools in Washington State that include it as a part of their enhanced curriculum.  NorthStar is one of them.  

We invite drivers of all kinds to take part in this invaluable experience.  DO IT NOW, WHILE THE WEATHER IS DECENT ENOUGH, but this is perfect training year round, preparing any aged driver for our RAINY DAYS.

Young, old, professional, amateur. . .  It is a THRILL RIDE of the highest order.

Teenagers will be required to have completed Driver's ED 101 prior to signing up for the event.  Once at the event, a parent will be permitted to climb aboard the vehicle to experience "Monster MODE" together.

       Driver's ED 101--  ask about it at Parent's Night
       Professional--  call and inquire about having the Monster come
                               to your place of business, public school, or
                               event center.

occurs at an open "testing" track with coned pathways, typically in an unobstructed parking lot the size of half a football field.

1.  The vehicle is controlled by a licensed trainer-of-trainers.
2.  There are 3 drivers on board during the 50 minute exercise.  
3.  Drivers rotate seats on 10-15 minute increments.
4.  A final rotation allows the trainer to determine whether the 
     exercise "took" for the driver.  (1-5 minutes final assessment)

COST:  $65 / individual

SCHEDULE:   Call to book your ride now!

   Next SKID MONSTER events
     Saturday,  November  1        1-4pm 
     Saturday,  November 23        2-4pm
     Saturday,  December 28        2-4pm

Location:  Auburn Park & Ride at South end of Auburn Airport

NOTE WELL:  We do NOT conduct the exercises during inclement weather so will have to postpone or reschedule.

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