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License Tests

Now you can avoid the lines at the Department of Licensing by scheduling your Knowledge Exam or Skills (Behind-the-Wheel) Test at any of our Locations.  We offer a variety of days and times, evenings and weekends to accommodate you.  

You have the option of paying on-line, "pre-registering" for a preferred date and time, emailing or of calling our Call Center Monday through Friday, 8am-6pm, to lock in your date.  Please, read carefully the FAQ's below in preparation for your examination.  Or ask any one of our Call Center operators anything regarding your appointment.  (Be aware, we're experiencing extremely high volumes of calls 2-6pm daily.)


CALL CENTER:  Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm  (Press '0' to speak to an agent.)
                            Saturday,  9am-2pm


NOTICE:  IF you don't currently possess a WA Identification Card or Instructional Permit or LICENSE Number, you must create an account for testing by going to the Department of Licensing homepage to "Login To License Express."  That way, we can upload your test scores to the State database.   We will ask you for this 12-place Number at the time you schedule your appointment.

IF you already have a WA ID card or permit number, you do not need to set up an account.  DOL did it automatically for you.

Otherwise, go to  www.Dol.Wa.Gov and click "Login To License Express."  Have your personal information, Social Security Number and email ready so you can confirm your account.  WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GIVE the Department of Licensing your scores UNTIL you have acquired your "confirmation code" so, please, DO NOT walk into any of our branches at the time of a test thinking you may take the test without a License Express account.  Any of our frontline workers will be happy to assist you with this if you call, email, or drop in.

KNOWLEDGE EXAMS by Location:  Conducted in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian & Vietnamese

This is the Department of Licensing 40-question test taken from information contained in the WA State Driver Guide.  Please, understand, there are NO practise tests that are adequate to prepare for this exam!  All the DOL has anymore are 5 "sample" questions for the public.  See Practice Test.  Your best preparation is studying the Driver Guide.

After paying for the exam, please, fill out the pre-registration page for the location, day, and time of the exam of your choice.  We have morning, afternoon, evening and weekend appointments available at all locations.

Auburn Knowledge Exam  $20      

   Sunday               *12:30pm 

                             * Arrive at least 15 min early to check in 

Burien Knowledge Exam   $20      

    Thursday         * 6:30pm 
    Saturday          *10:00am 
    Sunday            * 2:30pm 
No More after 1/19/20

                                       * Arrive 15-30 min early for check in 

Covington Knowledge Exam $20   


   Sunday       *12:30pm CANCELLED UNTIL NOTICE

                                      * Arrive 15 min early for check in

Federal Way Knowledge Exam  $20  

   Monday              *6:00pm  
   Sunday              12:30-2:00pm 
                                  * Arrive 15 min early for check in 

SKILLS TEST by Location & Car: 
Conducted in English.  Spanish available in Burien.

 You have the option of using one of our instructional cars or bringing your own registered and insured vehicles to your driving test.

NOTE WELL:  People that accompany you to the test will NOT be allowed in the vehicle during your test, and if the office lobby is closed they will have to wait outside.

Please, use a credit card to secure the service through the PayPal system, and then fill out the pre-registration page for your preferred day and time for a skills test.  One of our operators will get back to you with details and confirmation of the appointment within a 24-hour to 48-hour business day.   Thank you!

Auburn Skills Exam  (only our vehicle)
   With Our Instruction Car       

Burien Skills Exam   
    $60   With Our Instruction Car         

    $35    In Your Qualified Vehicle        

Covington Skills Exam       
   $60   With Our Instruction Car     

    $35   In Your Qualified Vehicle      

Federal Way Skills Exam   
    $60   With Our Instruction Car         

Check out the Video links below for some insight on the Skills Exam:


Backing Maneuver

Parallel Parking

Lane change and turning

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