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Federal Way Driver's ED 101: new "bring-a-friend" special:  $25

Right Across from Federal Way High School

         We're Changing Suites in the Same building this month.  Easy to find!

30818 Pacific Highway South, Federal Way  98003

Classroom Hours:  
Tues-Thurs   4-8p

At Federal Way we have an awesome instructor in "Mr. Roger."  He's worked for many years in the childcare industry and has been a primary teacher for NorthStar the last 3 years.  Proficient in several Martial Arts, his chill demeanor and great sense of humor keeps every classroom full of teenagers on the edge of their seats.  Please, come by and meet our instructors and get a feel for the classroom theatre.

Start Dates of Classes:                                 CLICK the Date you want for your class.  Register for the class in that new window.

    New WEEKEND CLASS:   Mar 7 - Apr 18  11a-1p

Jan 21  T/W/Th
Feb 4 T/W/Th   6-8p 
Feb 25 T/W/Th   4-6p 
Mar 10 T/W/Th    6-8p  
Mar 31  T/W/Th    4-6p 
Apr 14   T/W/Th    6-8p
May 5  T/W/Th 
 May 19  T/W/Th    6-8p 
Jun 9    T/W/Th   

Maximum enrollment is 25.  Minimum is 10. 
Classes subject to change
 without notice.

NORTHSTAR is CLOSED for Holidays and some national and religious observances unless arrangements are negotiated with students.

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