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Everett Driver's ED 101:                       new "bring-a-friend" special:  $25
"The Newest NorthStar Shoppe"

230 SW 112th Street, Everett  98204
425.413.2222  (press '0' during Call Center hours)

Tuesday-Thursday  4-8p
Friday   4-6p

We're located just about 4 blocks North of Mariner High School, where we started Driver's ED 101 classes back in 2016.

This stand alone building features a spacious classroom with vaulted ceilings lending itself nicely to the chosen "traffic safety" theme of air traffic intersections we all experience in our jet-set age.  Hey, Paine Field is just up the way!  Soon, we may all be flying our cars like the Jetson's creator envisioned.

Start Dates of Classes:

CLICK the Date you want for your class.
Register for the class in that new window.

May 7 T/W/Th
May 21   T/W/Th  4-6p 
Jun 4  T/W/Th  6-8p 
Jun 2  T/W/Th  4-6p 
Jul  T/W/Th  10-12p 
Jul  T/W/Th  6-8p 
 Jul 22 T/W/Th
 Aug 13  T/W/Th  6-8p 
 Aug 27 T/W/Th  4-6p 
*class starts on a Tuesday

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