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Fall Classes are posted
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For License Tests

For Driver's ED 101

Burien Driver's ED:

"The Original NorthStar Shoppe"
631 SW 150th St, 98166

The first Main School of NorthStar Driving Academy is located near the new exciting Burien Town Square.  We're right across from the King County Court House, next to the US Post Office.

We're so privileged to have Mr. Richard Spengler on board here, as he is well known to Kennedy and the King Co court system as a youth advocate.  He's retired from United Airlines for whom he trained tens of thousands of ground workers using highly volatile liquids in specialized vehicles.  He wrote the manual on it!  Parents should feel quite assured with him in the drive cars.
           Can't afford it all?
     "Just the Downpayment, Ma'am"
$250 or half down for any 2017 class start-up cost, offered for any of our packages.
(*balance of course due the 5th week of class, with a $25 admin. fee added)
If you purchase the "BUNDLED" Packages, you get the license tests at a discounted price.

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Current 2017 Classes

CLICK the "REGISTER NOW" Button to fill out a brief Registration Form, then RETURN to this Page to "BUY NOW" from our drop-down menu of NorthStar Packages. Or just walk into any of our physical locations to pay in person.

Aug 21    M/W
4-6 pm
 Sept 18    M/T/W 
  6-8 pm 
Sept 30  sat/Sun
12-2 pm
Oct 10     *M/T/W     4-6 pm
Oct 23  M/T/W
6-8 pm
Nov 13  M/T/W      4-6 pm
 Nov 27 * M/T/W  6-8 PM 
 Dec 18 *M/T/W 4-6 PM 

Pay Now by Credit Card

Aug 21

Classes end Oct 9
*No class 9/4, 3rd week W/F

4-6 pm

NorthStar 2017 Packages

 Sept 18
Classes end Oct 18

6 -8 pm

NorthStar 2017 Packages

Sept 30
Classes end Nov 18

   Sat & Sun 
12-2 pm

NorthStar 2017 Packages

Oct 10
Classes end Nov 8

*1st week T/W/Th

 4-6 pm

NorthStar 2017 Packages

  Oct 23

Classes end Nov 22
 6-8 pm

NorthStar 2017 Packages

      Nov 13

Classes end Dec 13

4-6 pm

NorthStar 2017 Packages

Min student enrollment per class: 10 students. 
Max size is 25.  Classes subject to change. 
Closed for holidays and observances unless 
arrangements negotiated with students. 

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